Waler horse introduction

Waler horse stallion BJ

The Waler horse is an Australian horse breed developed from the horses brought to the Australian colonies in the 19th century. Under Australia’s extreme climate and challenging working conditions, the Waler developed into a hardy horse. The Waler was prized as a military officers’ horse and artillery horse, with 160,000 being sent overseas with Australian soldiers in WWI. They were arguably the greatest cavalry horses in history.

Given no breeding stock returned to Australia after the war, the horses remaining and bred today are derived from pockets from remount bred station stock horse type stock that was discovered after a revival of the breed in the 1980s.

Despite efforts of breeders since the 1980s, the Waler breed of horse is listed at least ‘vulnerable’ according to the Rare Breeds Trust of Australia.

Pinnacle Peak Stud is one of the largest Waler Studs in Australia. We maintain our focus of breeding Walers not for nostalgia, but relevant for Australians of today and tomorrow.

“Quality Walers from Premium Bloodlines”

Pinnacle Peak Stud

The big Three: Temperament, Conformation and Movement

Using reputable bloodlines, we breed handsome Waler horses of ideal height, quality, and athleticism relevant for modern uses, maintaining good bone and hardiness without settling for excessive coarseness or heaviness.

All breeding stock are able to be registered with the applicable Waler studbooks depending on their breeding

Waler Horse Society Australia
Waler Horse Owners & Breeders Association

The two Waler breed organisations are the Waler Horse Breeders’ and Owners’ Association (www.walerhorses.org) and the Waler Horse Society of Australia (www.walerhorse.com). Both websites are available by clicking on the above images. Please contact us for more information regarding the societies and your horse’s registration, or the societies themselves.

Membership forms and horse registration/foal recording forms can be found on the websites for each society and we are more than happy to assist with the filling out of registration forms and providing required documentary evidence.