Our Waler Horse Stud Facilities

On our Waler horse Stud, there are trails and quiet roads throughout and outside the property. We have a 4km track which starts at one end and ends at the same place, so a nice 8km return. It has a hill in the middle, and is perfect for walking, trotting or cantering.

Our Waler horse stud is within riding access to Flinders Plum, one of the access points to the Ipswich Boonah Trail. Our Waler horse stud is also within easy floating access to Hardings Paddock, also on the Ipswich Boonah Trail. Hardings Paddock has some more manageable mountainous circuits for day only trails.

Our Waler horse stud is within 20 minutes of Wyaralong Dam and Lilybrook homestead. This has many kilometres of horse trails. It is a very popular spot for endurance riders. It has a 60km return track along the dam wall, which is undulating but much easier than the other very steep trails.

Our Waler horse stud has stables, yards, and separate paddocks. Horses on our Waler horse stud are generally kept in the natural herd environment together in large paddocks. Even our stallion is kept in a bachelor herd of geldings, or with mares. We believe horses do best in a herd environment where possible. However, mares who are about to foal are taken to a safe stable and monitored and recorded by full time CCTV, ensuring safe births at all times.

Our Waler horse stud has a showjumping area which contains about 15 jumps and cavalletti. We also have a full size marked dressage arena for schooling. We have a 18m diameter rubber lined round yard for polishing up, and for starting. We have a horse treadmill for exercising youngsters and horses when the weather is poor.

Our Waler horse stud.

The beautiful view towards Main Range at sunset.

Our Waler horse stud showjumps and cavalletti area.

The showjumps and cavalletti area.