About Our Waler Stud

Penny Bieber founded Pinnacle Peak Waler stud in early 2013. This Waler stud aims to produce show-quality Waler horses. The Pinnacle Peak Waler stud has expansive grounds for our breeding stock to grow and prosper.

Penny Bieber has worked with horses for 15 years. She has experience in showing, dressage, and showjumping. She competes both in hand and ridden at local and royal shows. Penny’s particular interest is in showing. She believes that Walers can be a competitive open show horse with carefully selective breeding focusing on conformation, movement and temperament.

More recently, Jasmine and Rob have joined our stud. Jasmine has shown herself to be a talented horse trainer who has been working with our young stock and showing a gentle and understanding way with them. Rob has experience with horses dating to his station days, and enjoys riding when he has time off!

Pinnacle Peak Waler Stud. Ipswich South East Queensland

Penny, Rob and Jasmine sitting on Waler mare Libby

Pinnacle Peak Waler Stud. Ipswich South East Queensland

Jasmine handling Waler colt Bozzie

Pinnacle Peak Waler stud’s philosophy is “breeding show quality Walers from quality bloodlines” reflecting its founder’s mission.

Pinnacle Peak Waler stud is always happy to give advice to prospective Waler buyers, breeders or even those who are interested in the breed but not looking to buy one yet.

Pinnacle Peak Waler Stud enjoys giving back to the Waler community by assisting Waler members where we can, and also in our sponsorship of Waler-related events and promotions. The ridden Waler event at the Queensland Royal Show was organised and sponsored by Pinnnacle Peak stud for many years. Our Waler Stud also often sponsors agricultural shows around Australia and encourages Waler owners to attend whenever possible. We keep a close relationship to the showing world, both with participants, as well as show society presidents, ringmasters, and stewards.

If you would like to visit our Waler Stud whatever your intention, don’t hesitate to contact us!

— – UPDATE – —

Please note that, in 2018, Pinnacle Peak Stud business name and branding, and many of its breeding stock, were sold, and were transferred in ownership to Rachael Vincent of Kumbarilla near Dalby. The business and stud interests of Pinnacle Peak Stud were run and managed by Rachael and her sister until 2020.

In 2020, Rachael decided to change her direction and the stud name has been transferred back to its Peak Crossing home base. The stud continues to operate a boutique breeding operation under Penny Bieber’s directorship with a continued focus in the breeding of purebred and part-bred Waler show horses.

As a result, the Pinnacle Peak Stud website was resurrected in late April 2021 so that we can continue to enjoy sharing the joys and sorrows of breeding and competing horses in 2021 and beyond!

Pinnacle Peak Waler Stud

Our beautiful Australian pony mare matriarch, Pinnacle Pepper, who was rescued by our stud and has been retained as a quality broodmare. She consistently throws beautiful show-quality part-bred Waler foals, with great movement, nature and conformation. She is the dam of Pinnacle Celtic Salt (sire Trublu Trail Blazer), Pinnacle Hot Chilli (sire Warratah Aurora Australis), and Pinnacle Arctic Spice (sire Trublu Trail Blazer), and will foal a full sibling to Pinnacle Hot Chilli in springtime 2021

Pinnacle Peak Waler Stud. Ipswich South East Queensland

Our Waler stud stallion, Bee, winning Best Waler Stallion Exhibit with Heath Rowbottom at the Queensland Royal Show 2015. Photo taken by Allira Batstone Photography.